2020 good riddance

As this awful year of sickness and financial struggle comes to an end we want to sincerely thank all of you who have come out to see us since fit hit the shan in March.  We have been able to play a handful dates since May and as of this writing will be finishing our last couple of shows in November. We have lost shows, money and sleep as well as some members getting the dreaded Covid mid summer.  Our hearts go out to families affected by this in any way. We continue to play at reduced rates to help bar owners keep costs in proportion to what they manage to bring in. Every venue we have played has followed all social distancing rules and we appreciate the hard work of staff and management we see at every gig.  2021 HAS to be better. The music HAS to come back into peoples lives, and rest assured Yosemite Slim will be there better and stronger than ever. New songs, new outlook, new gigs, new venues and a whole new year….please!!!   Godbless

  • The Slim
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