The Slim is Seeing “Double”!

**New Addition to our mix!**

As we move into 2020 we plan on adding plenty of shows so y’all can come see us at many new venues. With adding more shows we needed to spilt the work of our bass player Nick Ballistrea. So we have decided to bring in Jeff Dixon Sr., an actual founding member of Yosemite Slim, but left in 2016.  Jeff will be splitting shows with Nick going forward. We are glad to have Jeff back in our musical family. 

Welcome Jeff!!!

Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band!!!


We have a new member to join our rowdy, crazy country band. Her name is Erin August, an accomplished and classically trained violinist who recently graduated from Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music. We are so excited to bring Erin into our mix of musicians. She is an incredible talent and we are lucky to have her as part of The Slim!!!

Welcome Erin!!!!!

Yosemite Slim LIVE!


High Energy, Authentic, Down-home Modern Country Cover Band from Cleveland Ohio.  In the 2 short years they have been a country band, Yosemite Slim has played over 200 shows at every type of venue including fairs, festivals, weddings AND the most popular bars and honkytonks in the greater CLE area! 

Yosemite Slim has perfected their music to include a popular selection of country hits that get any crowd on their feet and singing along. They have been featured in newspaper and TV as well as Cleveland Country Magazine.  In 2019 Yosemite Slim came in 5th out of 40 Ohio country bands in a fan poll.

Yosemite Slim NEVER plays to a click track, they are live live LIVE! including their precision harmonies. We invite you to come see our music and feel the energy of our rowdy stage show. 

Go to our “COME SEE US” page for show dates.  Support live music and the musicians who bring it to Cleveland!

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