Yosemite Slim would like to welcome Brian Glodde as our new Bassist!

Brian has a long history of studio, stage and national touring as an accomplished bassist. He has played many genres of music from jazz to country. He brings his experience to our group including vocal abilities for Yosemite Slim’s stellar 3 part harmony vocals.  Welcome to our family Brian!!!


We have added a 6th member to our little country honky tonk troop…..LIZ KITTS is an accomplished musician and will be playing fiddle and piano in Yosemite Slim. Liz comes from a musical family and is a fourth generation professional violinist. She has traveled to Europe and New York performing invarious recital halls including Haydn Hall in Vienna, Austria and Carnegie Hall in NYC. She has toured Japan with the Hollywood Festival Orchestra and through Canada as an aerial violinist. She has played with many artists including: The Who, Michael Buble’,TSO, Adam Levine, Weird Al, ELO, Brian Wilson, Michael Bolton, Styx, Amy Grant, Kansas, LIttle River Band and many more! She hails from Florida and lived in Nashville for many years where she recorded for various film, TV and video game scores. WELCOME LIZ!!!

2021 Here We Come!!

Country Fans!! We are so happy to put the worst of the pandemic behind us and start gittin’ back to gittin’ with a whole new year, new set lists, new venues and new fans! We are eager to get back on the stages of NE Ohio and entertain y’all with the best country music and rowdy times. Please check out our Facebook page for the latest on news and events where our next show will be. While you are there, heck, go on an like us while you got your fingers on the keyboard! Yosemite Slim appreciates your support and will see you soon!!!

2020 good riddance

As this awful year of sickness and financial struggle comes to an end we want to sincerely thank all of you who have come out to see us since fit hit the shan in March.  We have been able to play a handful dates since May and as of this writing will be finishing our last couple of shows in November. We have lost shows, money and sleep as well as some members getting the dreaded Covid mid summer.  Our hearts go out to families affected by this in any way. We continue to play at reduced rates to help bar owners keep costs in proportion to what they manage to bring in. Every venue we have played has followed all social distancing rules and we appreciate the hard work of staff and management we see at every gig.  2021 HAS to be better. The music HAS to come back into peoples lives, and rest assured Yosemite Slim will be there better and stronger than ever. New songs, new outlook, new gigs, new venues and a whole new year….please!!!   Godbless

  • The Slim

Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band!!!


We have a new member to join our rowdy, crazy country band. Her name is Erin August, an accomplished and classically trained violinist who recently graduated from Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music. We are so excited to bring Erin into our mix of musicians. She is an incredible talent and we are lucky to have her as part of The Slim!!!

Welcome Erin!!!!!

Yosemite Slim LIVE!


High Energy, Authentic, Down-home Modern Country Cover Band from Cleveland Ohio.  In the 2 short years they have been a country band, Yosemite Slim has played over 200 shows at every type of venue including fairs, festivals, weddings AND the most popular bars and honkytonks in the greater CLE area! 

Yosemite Slim has perfected their music to include a popular selection of country hits that get any crowd on their feet and singing along. They have been featured in newspaper and TV as well as Cleveland Country Magazine.  In 2019 Yosemite Slim came in 5th out of 40 Ohio country bands in a fan poll.

Yosemite Slim NEVER plays to a click track, they are live live LIVE! including their precision harmonies. We invite you to come see our music and feel the energy of our rowdy stage show. 

Go to our “COME SEE US” page for show dates.  Support live music and the musicians who bring it to Cleveland!

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